Coming Soon: Remote Darts Matches

Thank you for staying home and doing your part against COVID-19!
Soon you will be able to play darts with your friends or complete strangers from the safety of your home. There is a lot of work to be done before this is a reality. In the meantime you can use following workarounds and join the waiting list.

Use a remote screen sharing software like TeamViewer as a workaround. One of you starts a match on dartboard.io as usual. Then you share your screen with the installed software so your friend can see the scores and enter darts. Only do this with people you trust!

If that is not an option maybe you can try the dartboard.io computer players. They are bots with different skill levels that play automatically against you.

Waiting list for Remote Darts

Why should you join yet another mailing list?

  1. You will be first in line when the feature goes live. Due to limited server resources and budget access will be probably limited.
  2. You motivate us to work hard. It's a lot of work to build it right. By showing us your interest we will know beforehand that our effort is not wasted.
  3. Give feedback and have a chance to shape the feature. You know best what you need to enjoy darts with your friends while playing online.
  4. Regular updates on how far the work already progressed.